What is this game?

Unruly Heroes is an kung-fu them all/adventure game inspired by the famous chinese novel ‘A journey to the west’ better known as the Monkey King Legend.

Play four totally opposed and implausible heroes and ​collect all the pieces of the sacred Scroll on your journey to the West.

- Do you feel like fighting? Perfect, you’ll face a line-up of memorable enemies and bosses.

- Warm up your fingers! You'll have to prove your skills through platforming wildness.

- Do you have a brain? That’s cool, you will resolve some mysterious puzzles.

- Do you like to travel? Well, no need to go out. You will discover colorful and fantasy worlds.

- Do you have friends? Good for you. You can play with them in a couch coop mode (up to 4 players)

- You have any friends? Who cares? You can also have fun in solo!

- Do you have Internet? Lucky you, you can fight against your distant friends or perfect strangers in the PVP mode.

- You don’t have internet? (Really?) The PVP mode can be played in locally too.

We can't tell you everything...It would be spoilers!

Will there be multiplayer online?

For technical reasons and for a better experience, the story/campaign mode, it’s only local. Yes, sorry but there're a lot of parameters (physics, save etc.) that can be tough to manage for online. Thank you for understanding our point.

But the PVP mode will be local AND online.

UPDATE: Thanks to the Steam Remote Play Together, you can now play the co-op mode ONLINE with your far far away friends! More info here.

Who are you?

We are Magic Design Studios. We are an indie game studio. We are located in Montpellier (France), known for having a high concentration of video game veterans (you should visit this city. It’s cool and sunny).

Our studio has been founded in 2015. We focus on the creation of high-quality entertainment content, mainly video games and CG animation.

The core team of the project has a solid experience in the video game industry.

A lot of the team members have worked at Ubisoft on titles such as Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Valiant Hearts, Ghost Recon Wildlands (and many other series). The other members come from the indie games industry.

We have one pet fish. He doesn’t have name yet (if you have some ideas...).

Where can I purchase the game?

You purchase the game on consoles (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4), PC and mobile ! Click to the store page with your graceful finger.

What about Mac and Linux?

Not sure yet. It’s possible, but not sure. Sorry. Please, don't hate us.

How many hours is the campaign going?

It depends on your skills, if you speedrun the game or explore it etc. You can count about 8 hours of campaign (average). And PvP is unlimited!

- 29 levels 

- 4 worlds: Skull Canyon, Taoist Temple, Underworld and the Flaming Mountain.

- 5 maps for PvP

- 100 coins/level

- 1 hidden scroll/level

- 4 scoring ranks (bronze, silver, gold and emerald)...Good luck with the emerald rank!

How much will the game cost?

It costs $19.99

Is there a physical edition?

Yes! A physical edition AND a collector edition (exclusive artbook displaying many unseen design documents, and its epic soundtrack in CD format! )!  is available on Pix N Love website.

What softwares do you use?

Our game is made with Unity 3D.

Art with Photoshop CC.

Animation with Spine 2D.

Coffee with coffee machine.

I have some issues when playing the game. Who should I contact?

You need to contact support@magicdesignstudios.com

Do you have a press kit?

Yes, just click here to see it. If you need more assets for an important publication, don’t hesitate to contact us at communication@magicdesignstudios.com

Is it possible to get a press/review copy?

Email us and we will add you on our press contact list.


Could I stream Unruly Heroes on my channel?

Of course :D

And don't hesitate to tell us.

Would you answer some questions or do an interview for an article/video?

Yes, don't hesitate to contact us. We hope we will have time for you.


What can I do for you?

It’s simple : spread the word about Unruly Heroes to your friends, co-workers, in pubs (Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health), at the gym (sport is good for the health), your family etc.

Every retweet, video, blog,«like», share or fanart is an opportunity for us! We won’t forget you!

Are you recruiting?

It happens. Check this page.

How do I contact you?

If it’s for business/press you can reach us here or with communication@magicdesignstudios.com

If you want to support us and tell us nice things, don’t hesitate to spread your love in our social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Imgur.

You didn’t respond to my email/PM/DM!

Sorry! We try our best to respond to all of that. But it’s possible that we’ll miss some. You might already find some answers to your questions in this FAQ.